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Our dream becomes yours

In Lausanne, in the heart of French-speaking Switzerland, get on board  from  Pilatus PC7 from the FMPA, operated by PC7 Turbo Association as part of private flights, for an emotional experience.

Our team composed of experimented pilots  invites you to discover unexpected sensations aboard a military training aircraft. See the Alps upside down, descend sumptuous glaciers and see the most beautiful peaks up close,  everything is possible !

Whether it is to mark an event, birthday, bachelor party, promotion, or simply to make an old dream come true, we are at your disposal!



The Pilatus PC-7


Performance and Safety

The PC-7 is a military training aircraft built by Pilatus Aircraft since the 1970s.

Ideal machine for learning formation flight, military aerobatics and instrument flight, it has conquered many countries both for its reliability and its performance.

The splendid view in the rear seat also makes it an attractive aircraft for exploring our Alpine landscapes.


Wingspan 10.4 m
Fuselage length 9.7 m
Height 3.2 m
Maximum takeoff weight 2100 kg
Maximum landing weight 2100 kg


Max cruise speed 200 KTAS
Max rate of climb 2000 ft / min
Max endurance 140 min
Max range 460 NM
Take off distance to 50 ft 480 m
Landing distance from 50 ft 460 m


Max positive g +6.0 g
Max negative g -3.0 g
Max operating speed 270 KIAS


Lionel Romailler

"I started to fly at the age of 15 in gliding, then from the regulatory age of 17, I started my motor flight license at the Sion club. I completed my training as a professional pilot at the Air-Espace school in Lausanne where I now work as an instructor for theoretical courses. I am currently working as a captain on A319 / 320 and I am also a flight instructor. During my free time, I performs acrobatic flights on Bücker and Extra200 as well as private flights on Antonov AN-2 and PC-7. Hope to have the opportunity to fly with you soon! "


Léo Schneider

"Dad of 4 daughters and an airline pilot in my spare time, I am currently an Airbus A320 pilot-in-command and total approximately 14,000 flight hours. I have also flown on Saab 2000, Boeing 737, and for my pleasure on Extra 200, Antonov 2, L-39C, Super Decathlon and others.

I completed my training thanks to the Preparatory Aeronautical Instruction (now SPHAIR) as well as to the Swissair school.

A passion for skydiving for 20 years also allows me to play with the elements in a different way. "



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