We are based in Lausanne, but anything is possible! From discovery flight to aerobatics through travel and demonstration flights, we are at your disposal ...

The basic rate is 23chf / minute, to which must be added the landing tax (for example 22chf in Lausanne.)

Here are some examples of beautiful flights and their respective duration.

Lausanne-Gruyère-Eiger-Aletsch-Cervin-Glacier d'Otemma-Verbier-Dents du Midi-Lausanne.

Estimated duration 60 minutes

Lausanne-Dent de Jaman-Glacier des Diablerets-Dents du Midi-Grammont-Lausanne.

Estimated duration 30 minutes

  • Both this site and the services offered are private and have no profit or commercial purpose. The prices charged only allow the pilot to cover his own costs.

  • These are private flights within the meaning of art. OFAC, art. 3 letter i of Regulation (EC) 216/2008,).

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